• Prioritise Your Health

    Streamline your routine and stop missing doses.

  • Luxury Feel

    Sleek and enjoyable to use. Made from the same metal as a MacBook Pro.

  • Size Matters

    Room for all your pills (even the big ones). Secure-closing tray, non-toxic and BPA-free.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    If it breaks, we'll replace it, and we offer free 30-day returns.

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Get Organised

Eliminate cluttered countertops and leave the pill packets at home.

7 labelled slots for a week of pills

✓ Fits 16 standard pills per compartment and fully BPA-free

Secure and reliable closing mechanism

✓ Chic and stylish design with smooth anodised aluminium

Compact and lightweight, yet durable construction

Take control of your health.