Founded by a doctor with a passion for pills

Designed and distributed in London

Stethoscope lying on scrubs - the diagnosis

Doctor designed 🩺

More than 80% of people who take a regular tablet will miss a dose each month.

One of the best strategies to help build a healthy routine is a pill organiser, to have all your tablets in one memorable place.

However, we saw a problem - the only options out there were practical (but very ugly) plastic pill boxes.

Not only that, they were flimsy and prone to popping open.

So we spent 9 months designing and refining the perfect pill organiser. It's chic, secure and a pleasure to use.

We're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

George - Founder

Our vision 💊

We produce premium pill boxes designed for anyone who takes a tablet. 

We hope to bring a little pleasure to your daily routine and help you live a healthier life.